ALL THE VIDEOS YOU’LL FIND HERE ARE IN A RAW STATUS. This means: no colour-correction, no sound-mix, raw subtitles/translation. And they are not part of the film.

*** This is a scene, shot at the house where Urmila was born.


*** This short raw material-video gives an impression about life in Dang. We were shooting with Urmila and Karmu at a funfair 2012. Enjoy it loud!


*** This raw material-scene we shot at Rapti River, Dang in 2014.


*** This scene shows Urmila with her friend Asha, singing a sad song, Urmila wrote years ago. The words are translated from Tharu: Baba (father), you have not given me education thats why I’im in darkness today. Why did you give me birth if you had to send me away from you?